Healing Stillness: Body-Mind Relaxation Therapies

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Energy Work

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This work restores the harmony between your body, mind, and spirit. The first step is helping you shed the layers of stress and tension that have built up in your system. Some of this tension is held in your physical body, but underlying are layers of energetic tension that have accumulated through the demands of modern living. 

Bodywork is used to address the physical, while energy work addresses the nonphysical. The release of this tension on multiple levels will carry you into a state of deep relaxation and inner stillness. This state of being is very healing. By the end of a treatment you will feel restored and renewed in a way that words cannot describe.



Drawing from 20 years experience in body and energy therapies, each session will be custom tailored to address your individual needs.  The methods used may include:


Thai Yoga Massage
An ancient form of bodywork originating in Thailand. Wearing loose comfortable clothing, your body is skillfully moved and stretched in a way similar to yoga. Thai Yoga Massage promotes increased flexibility, range of motion, and release of muscular tension. You leave feeling free, open, and spacious in your body.

Energy Work & Guided Meditation
Energy work is exceptionally effective for restoring balance to the mind, emotions, and nervous system. Through healing touch and spoken word, you are guided into a state of meditative inner stillness. In this deeply peaceful and quiet state, the stress and tension that has accumulated in your system naturally unwinds and releases. You leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.


Syntropy Bodywork
An exceedingly refined form of bodywork that uses precise and gentle repetitive motions to promote deep relaxation and freedom of movement in your body.

Wellness Counseling
Guidance about steps you can take in your daily life to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Some people release tension through verbal expression. If there is anything you feel like sharing you will be listened to deeply with compassionate attention.


Michael Baier, LMT

Michael Baier has been a full time practitioner of the healing arts since 1999.  His formal bodywork training began that same year on the island of Maui where he attended the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage. He then continued his education for several years through private apprenticeships with healers and teachers from many diverse traditions. Michael considers his most valuable training to come from his hands on experience. Twenty years of professional practice and over 10,000 client sessions have refined the work he now offers into a true healing art.

Michael’s “inner” training began in 1995 with his formal study and practice of meditation.  Between 2001-2003, he spent a total of eight months in India and Nepal in order to deepen his practice. At one point he spent three full months in silent meditation retreat.  It is his consistent practice of meditation that has allowed Michael to cultivate an inner stillness and a presence which brings so much depth and effectiveness to the healing work he offers. 

Michael’s technical bodywork excellence combined with his ability to touch people at a level deeper than just the physical, can yield results that are nothing short of transformational for the recipient.




Client References


Dr. George Russell,
D.C. - New York, NY

As a chiropractor, dancer, teacher and bodyworker, I have received at least a thousand sessions of bodywork in my life.  The treatments I've received from Michael Baier are among the very best I have ever experienced.  Specific, patient, gentle and deep; his work involves repetitive, slow movements that free the joints, muscles, bones and organs.  Michael's work is a product of much education that is woven into his own deeply meditative process and creativity, and it goes beyond the physical.  Michael changes consciousness with his touch.  He is able to guide my body to discover it's own way to melt tension and to free my own deep, joyous, calm energy; opening possibilities and gateways that seemed locked.  I give him my highest recommendation.

Laura Erickson
Greenwich, CT

I have been a client of Michael's since 2005. I started sessions because I had a history of lower back problems and was trying to get in front of my issue instead of visiting a chiropractor after hurting my back. While I started with Michael to alleviate physical concerns, what I found was that I left feeling very clear headed and relieved of the stress that comes with being a busy mom with a lot on her plate. My sessions are a respite from the noise of everyday life and I leave feeling rejuvenated. Michael is a very gifted healer of body and soul.

Laura Friedman,
Chappaqua, NY

I have been working with Michael for the past two years and have found his counsel, bodywork and energy healing invaluable in my transformation to a calmer, more peaceful, and aligned individual. This has benefitted not only myself, but my entire family and has shifted the dynamic in our household. His work has helped me shift and clear patterns, allowing me to relate and reconnect with life and my family in a more positive way. My sessions have become paramount to my emotional and physical health and I am so grateful to be working with him.

Viviane Kaneff
New Canaan, CT

I have been seeing Michael for healing for the past eight years.  Since starting with Michael I have become aware of the tremendous importance of this work to relieve stress and to reconnect me with my body, and to understand how it carries and holds stress. Michael is very knowledgeable and listens carefully to my issues and requests. I am always confident that I will end the session feeling relaxed, peaceful and focused. What's more, Michael will give me direction and advice that helps me to stay balanced between sessions. I have recommended Michael many times and I will continue to do so with confidence.

Jennifer Banks
Greenwich, CT

Michael is a real healer with unique and exceptional abilities. His counsel, bodywork, and energy work are never prepackaged or preconceived; rather, he works intuitively, always responding in the moment to whatever my needs are. His penetrating perceptions, gentle support, spiritual wisdom, and honesty have had a profound influence on my life.

Kim Beaumont
Darien, CT

My sessions with Michael are an essential treat that I give myself, and one of the most important things that I do for myself in my life. They are a “coming home”. Michael helps me to re-center and reconnect to what's really important. When I walk in the door I literally start to feel my stress drop away. Michael is then able to work with the deeper layers that are requiring attention. From my physical body to my spirit, he guides all of the different parts of me back into balance. I always come away feeling energized and rejuvenated.

Hilary Murray,
Chappaqua, NY

For a long time, I had been dealing with bouts of anxiety and stress and was unable to find any relief.  A friend of mine suggested that I go see Michael.  After my first visit I was convinced that he could help me.  I couldn’t believe how deep I went in that first session.  I always tell my friends that a regular relaxation massage doesn’t calm me nearly as much.  And even as relaxed as I become during our sessions, afterwards I actually have more energy, but calm energy - not so frazzled. His work has been life changing for me and I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Session Rates

In order to access a truly therapeutic state of relaxation, the minimum session time is 90 minutes. Many people also choose longer treatments for an even deeper experience.


1½ hour session:  $200
2 hour session:  $260
2 ½ hour session: $320


Special rate for first time clients: A full two hour session for the price of 90 minutes. Multi-session wellness plans are also available for a reduced cost.


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Michael sees clients Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 10am - 8pm.

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